Basic mummification is fun, easy and cheap. It makes the sub powerless and immobile, allowing it to slip out of reality for a while. Problems are forgotten, the submissive can entrust everything to the Dominant (e). The Dom (me) enjoys having total control, the feeling he / she gives to the sub and the playing possibilities that are available during a mummification. Two basic methods of mummification are discussed in this article. The head is not taken into account here. You can involve the head of the sub in a mummification in many ways, but this requires you to know what you are doing and take many precautions. For example, large holes have to be made for the nostrils and mouth (small ones sometimes want to close). These techniques are not covered in this article. So only start when you are aware of what you are doing and fully trust yourself in this! The original Mummification article is by Gil Kessler.


The best known way to mummify someone is with cling film. You need about ten meters, but this can of course also be more, depending on the number of wraps you want to make. The best thing to do is to look for thick foil that won’t tear during mummification. In addition to the foil, you can also work with duct tape, the use of different colors can result in a very beautiful piece of art. Optionally, a head mask, two small balls of cotton and bandage can be used. Get towels ready for after mummification. Make sure that the sub cannot fall over during mummification! The sub must be able to fully rely on the Dom (me). You can involve a third person in the game for this, but if this is not possible there are two other options: (1) first wrap the sub from top to bottom up to the hips, then place the sub on a pillow / couch to cover finish the legs or (2) use a bondage to maintain the sub’s balance (only choose this option if you have experience with bondage). After wrapping you can carefully remove it again.

Precautionary measures

This article will not address the use of additional “aids” in mummification such as gagged mouth, catheters, or breathing tubes. If you still want to do this, only do this if you have a lot of experience with mummification and know what measures to take to ensure the safety of the sub. Always have safety scissors (also called surgical scissors, with a blunt end) nearby and be alert and careful when using them. Make sure that the mouth and nostrils are left uncovered so that no breathing problems can arise. Because the sub cannot move, it is important to regularly check that everything is going well.

Before you start, let the sub have a drink and go to the toilet. If you want to let the mummification sit for a long time, give the sub occasionally something to drink carefully (using a straw) during the mummification. This will prevent dehydration, the sub will sweat profusely. Another tip: put something softly between the knees and ankles of the sub if they touch when the sub has his / her legs against each other. With a tight mummification, this sometimes causes unwanted pain. If despite all precautions, the sub panics, get him / her comfortable as soon as possible, remove any masks and let the mummified count from ten to one aloud to get breathing under control.

The Mummification

Have the sub hold both arms up. Start at one shoulder on the back. Go over the shoulder to the front, across the chest and under the armpit on the other side. Then you go over the back, towards the other side. Again under the armpit, across the chest, to the other shoulder. This is the best way to mummify the shoulders. If necessary, before covering the breast, you can place it on the nipples and genitals of the sub-cotton balls. At these places you can easily press through the cling film when you are done with the mummification. Press a paper clip into the cotton, carefully tear a circle out of the cling film and remove the balls. In this way the nipples (or breast) and possibly genitals of the sub are free to use your favorite toys.

Wrap the sub’s arms and legs separately, from top to bottom. This way, no skin touches any other skin when the mummification is finished. The mummification must be nice and tight so that it does not slide off. The cling film should have many overlaps.

Have the sub put his / her arms by his / her body and put his / her legs together (think of something soft between the ankles and knees). Start around the shoulders and work your way down. Make sure the sub is holding his / her breath when you reach the chest, leaving room to breathe when he or she is mummified. You can leave the sub’s genitals uncovered by twisting the cling film if you are just above and below the genitals. Continue the mummification to the feet of the submissive.

To strengthen the mummification you can choose to apply a few more (loose) strips of duct tape. Good places for this are, for example, below and above the chest, below and above the genitals, above the knees and ankles. Make sure that the tape does not come into direct contact with the skin anywhere! Remember that loosening a mummification with duct tape is a lot more difficult than foil alone, it takes much longer. Do not rush if you are engaged in mummification. It is an activity that takes time: it can take up to half an hour or much longer, especially if there is a lot of talk during the mummification.

You can also look for colored foil instead of duct tape. You can apply this over the basic mummification, where you can, for example, always turn the foil at the front to get a nice pattern. You can apply another simple bondage over the mummification. Use your imagination. You can play with the sub or just put him or her down (maybe with earplugs in) so that the sub slips into subspace. Check regularly whether everything is going well with the sub. You can let a mummification sit for about two hours, after which it is wise to loosen the mummification in order to breathe the skin.

Another great way to mummify your sub is with bandages. You can find these in pharmacies and some drugstores. You will need a lot of this, because the bandage is much narrower than cling film. Therefore, look for the widest connection you can find.

End of the game

Continue to support the sub as you wrap the mummification loose or cut it with safety scissors. The easiest way is to leave the sub here. Don’t rush while removing the mummification, far too often the end of a game doesn’t get the attention it needs. Also remove any head mask, but let the sub keep their eyes closed. Use soft towels to dry the sub; he or she must have been sweating a lot. Hold the sub, hug him / her, and let him or her “come back to Earth” calmly. If the sub asks to get re-wrapped, tell them to iron the cling film first. The sub will have to come back for this another time.

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