There are many printed diapers on the market today.

When we were asked to produce one, we wanted to make a diaper that could go into the baby diapers, making all the children in the heart, and their caregivers happier. When it comes to diapers, more diaper means more absorbency than no leaks or wet pants. That means your little one can have a blunt bottom with their Crinklz diaper on, but you will rest assured that there will be no leaks. Crinklz and his friends look super cute on a thick, lined bottom! The Crinklz diapers are provided with the super cute Crinklz and friendprint on the plastic outer cover. They are very bulky and extra thirsty. In size M, the absorbency is 4394 g and in size L it is 5128 g (in accordance with ISO 11948-1).

  • cute Crinklz print, all around elastic plastic outer cover
  • high absorbency
  • large, reusable tape tabs
  • elastic waistbands on the front and back
  • extra high standing leg cuffs (approx. 5.5 cm / 2.16 in) for diaper doublers
  • wetness indicator
  • odor protection
  • latex free
  • made in the EU

Please do not place new and unwashed plastic pants over the Crinklz diapers. The plasticizer in the plastic pants can rub the print on the plastic pants. When that happens, the diaper pants were at the maximum allowed temperature.

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