Durex has more than 80 years of experience in producing condoms.

We can therefore state without a doubt that every Durex condom is the result of a proven production process. To start with, we only use raw materials of the very best quality. In addition, each condom is electronically tested before it leaves the factory. In addition, a sample is taken from each factory batch whose condoms are filled with air to test their strength. According to international standards, it must be possible to fill a condom with 18 liters of air without breaking. A Durex condom can hold an average of up to 40 liters (as you notice, we not only want to meet international quality and safety standards, we go one step further). Samples are also taken in which condoms are filled with water to check that there are no holes in them (to be sure we carry out about two million tests per month). All types of Durex condoms are also subjected to dermatological tests. If a sample is not through our tests, the entire batch is destroyed. In addition, we not only use tests that are increasingly demanding, we also conduct continuous research to improve our products and to spot the latest trends in sexual behavior that may offer opportunities for the development of completely new products. All this information is regularly consulted by health ministries, hospitals, scientists, universities and organizations in charge of sexual health. In summary, we have the best production process for the production of the best products, all supported by very clever minds. Perhaps that is why millions of men and women worldwide rely on Durex every day.

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