Ontex, leading expert in hygiene.
iD is produced by Ontex. In Europe we are a leading manufacturer and distributor of hygiene products for single use. iD is the result of these 4 expertises:

-the long experience of the company in the sector;
-experienced consumer surveys;
complex laboratory tests;
-sustainable manufacturing technologies, supplemented by strict test processes. You can rest assured: we manufacture our products according to the strictest standards.

Did you know ...?
... more than 2.5 million people worldwide use our products? They rely on our expertise to reduce the impact of their bladder weakness on their daily lives.

iD in a nutshell?
Invisible solutions for a visible difference. Every day we give the most reliable, discreet and efficient solutions to anyone who has to deal with incontinence, so that they continue to enjoy their lives to the full.

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