At Leatherotics, we understand what you're looking for when you want to explore the more depraved side of your fantasies. Our leather mask shop offers luxury and quality in our full range of leather bondage hoods, leather gimp masks and leather bondage hoods. If you’re looking for control of every aspect of your next master/slave session we’ve selected the most debauched collection for you to choose from.Whether you want to be the subject of objectification or want to objectify, our real leather sex masks and hoods will take to the places you want to go. If you prefer to experiment at home or enjoy fetish parties, all our outfits are designed to meet your needs. We’ve also got all the accessories you’ll need for a full night of pure passion and bondage available from our online leather mask shop. Our leather slave masks and full-faced BDSM hoods are perfect for practicing head bondage and will depersonalise and deprive the object of your bondage desires. Sensory deprivation is essential to serious bondage sessions and we offer audio deprivation masks which allow you to control every sound during role play. If you or your slave prefer to be visually denied, our leather face masks are made to measure. We also have some soft and supple leather blindfolds that match any bondage outfit. When it comes to playing with air, Leather gimp masks provide control and we also have heavy duty lockable steel ball gags so there'll be no answering back. Our top-quality leather hood gags are also perfect for keeping your slave quiet. Leather BDSM body bag suits provide the full sensory deprivation experience and come with or without zips in the places your slave deserves to be punished. From our BDSM accessories range, there are plenty of ways to bind a slave’s arms. Full arm restraints with gorgeous detail studs and lace ties or beautiful leather gauntlets, it’s entirely up to you how much control you want. If your slave is a submissive, our leather neck collars are made from real leather and have adjustable straps. Serious BDSM lovers will thoroughly enjoy wearing our steel spiked leather gloves as they dominate and demand submission from their partner. Combine these with a leather strap on bondage harness belts for added intensity and complete domination. Bring your whips and chains to playtime to create extra hot experiences in your sessions.If you’re in the mood for something more playful then you choose from our gladiator style cosplay designs, fetish hoods with wigs or a leather lockable bunny mask. Perfect for fetish parties you’ll attract the attention you want from other party goers. Our leather mask shop has plenty to offer and we’re sure you’ll find what you need to add to your bondage collection. From gentle play to serious deprivation and domination our body bag suits, leather gimp masks and arm restraints let you explore the limits of pleasure and pain. You can rest assured that anything you buy from our leather mask shop will arrive in discreet packaging.

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