To establish a brand only for men was not enough for us in 2012. The market is full of toys. A new product could maybe succeed or maybe not and then disappear after a few years.

We knew this from the start. And it spurred us on. As we were beginning to develop our Male Brand MALESATION, we set our aim high: We didn’t want to simply create a new Men’s-Toy-Brand, we wanted MALESATION to be THE Brand for men. A brand that persuades through quality and price. A brand that offers innovative products. Arouses curiosity. One that makes a customer either in a store or browsing online think, “I have to try to that!” Yes, we want to turn the customer on and retail trade as well. MALESATION is supposed to be sexy and not only on the first look. MALESATION should hold its own, in the truest sense of the word - through high-quality manufacturing, through rigorous examination guidelines, through continuous further development of the product, through a diverse product line, through a good look and a good feel, through everything that a man could ever want.

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