Pasante, a relatively unknown brand of condoms.

Pasante Healtcare Ltd was founded in England in 2000 and is the 2nd brand after Durex in the UK. Pasante has a very wide range, you could say the only brand with so many variations. Even many more variations than Durex. Finally, a well-fitting condom is very important for safe sex, when it fits perfectly it is less likely to tear and also gives a better feeling during intercourse. Pasante also has many flavors of condoms. Flavored condoms are also nicer for oral sex in addition to the smell. Many of these varieties are also colored. For example, the strawberry variant is red, the mango variant is yellow, the mint variant is green and the chocolate flavor is brown in color. They also have ribbed & studded condoms. These are specially made for extra stimulation in the woman. The ridges and studs help the woman to orgasm earlier.

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