Toys & Branding

Shots Media is one of the leading companies in the adult industry, with a very wide range of activities. Our in-house development department designs 3D concept toys and packaging to rebrand existing toys and to create new models, lubricants and other erotic stimulation products. Shots Toys is a carefully designed and developed brand. The goal was to let a happy, enjoyable and easy-on-the-eyes love set emerge in the middle of all the seriously intended dongs and vibrators. Shots Toys aims to bring the fun out in your sex life with a line of cheery adult products for women, men and couples. Shot’s carefully designed toys are geared towards sexual pleasure and adventure, met with equally exciting shapes and colors. In Shots Toys we concentrate on 3 main colors: pink, purple and black. Only the bestseller products are available in more different colors, so everyone can find something for himself. Shots Toys products are high volume sales in our assortment. Packaging have a clear design with main bullet points on the front, and the distinctive Shots Toys tag.

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