In service for you, our values are your benefit

And this is what we produce: batteries. In fact, we are one of the biggest producers of batteries and power sources at the highest technological level and the best quality "Made in Germany". But is this really what we do? We at VARTA believe that we serve a higher purpose:


We understand that the best technological advancement is useless unless it serves your needs and the needs of billions of people. Our mission is to serve you and make your life better and brighter. We are proud to be more than just a reliable provider of mobile energy - we are also a trustworthy companion in your life. VARTA follows a principle: everything we do revolves around people's needs and wishes. In other words, it revolves around you! We make what's important to you our responsibility. And we live up to this responsibility with all our energy.

Because our planet is what matters the most.

The bigger the company, the greater the responsibility. We at VARTA Consumer Batteries are conscious of the fact that our responsibility is not something which is voluntary - it is our duty. Which is why we take a systematically sustainable approach across the board, from development, production and battery recycling to our choice of raw materials and the avoidance of unnecessary transportation trips.

Quality you can rely on.

“Made in Germany” is more than just a label to us. It is not only a reliable indication of quality, but also a practiced tradition that is particularly close to our heart. This is one of the main reasons VARTA Consumer is one of the world's most important consumer battery manufacturers.

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