Arm & leg binders

A common form of arm/legbinder consists of a sheath, roughly conical, that encloses both of the wearer’s arms/legs from fingertips/toes to above the elbow/knee, combined with one of various harness (straps) arrangements to hold it in place.

The sheath is commonly of latex or leather which itself typically covers the arms/legs from the fingertips to above the elbows, and is closed and tightened with a zipper, lacing, or sometimes both; the sheath is frequently supplemented with straps around the wrists/ankles and the elbows/knees or upper arms/legs. The sheath alone is ineffective without a harness to keep it from slipping down the arms/legs; the most common harness is a pair of straps that join to the outer top of the sheath, run over the shoulders and under the armpits, and join again at the inner top of the sheath. The straps are usually crossed, behind the neck or across the upper chest, to prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders. The latter position can cause problems if the straps tend to ride up and press on the wearer’s throat. Left strap is brought from under left armpit, brought over right shoulder and then buckled up behind the neck. The same is done with the right strap and then both right and left strap are buckled together to prevent falling of armbinder.

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