Basic nipple toys


Never ignore your nipples thanks to a nipple clamp!

Combine a nipple toy with a nipple clamp to increase the sensitivity of your erogenous zones and enjoy an orgasm that you feel all over your body. The perfect addition to your collection. Nipple clamps provide more pleasure for your most sensitive erogenous zones. Use them solo or with a partner for maximum stimulation while playing. With different styles and designs available, there are clamps for every person.

Play hands-free with nipples

Clamps are a great option for those looking for hands-free nipple play. These toys gently grip your nipples, keep them hard and provide them with trembling pleasure. You can tighten or release the grip in order to put different kinds of tension on the nipple and adjust it to your level and mood. Some clamps come with vibrations, which add to the intensity of your pleasure.

Nipple suckers or twisters

Another great option for those looking to play with nipples is the nipple pistons or twisters that apply suction for stimulation and arousal. Place them over your nipples and tighten for great sensations. When you’re done, turn them in the opposite direction to release. Made to fit every nipple. Pistons can also be used elsewhere for more sensitivity and fun.

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