Datex is a new, revolutionary material, made of natural latex, rubber and a very stretchable knitted fabric. Great expandability and resistance are the material’s major advantages, making the products easy to put on and take off. The fabric makes you feel comfortable, while ensuring a traditional latex quality at the same time.

Unique Features

Because of the unique features of this material we have unlimited and revolutionary possibilities in the designing and production of clothing and lingerie.

These latex garments can be sewn in a common way without a gluing process as with latex. What’s more, seams become stronger thanks to the unique quality. This means we hardly ever receive complaints about defects.

Comfort & Care

As you may know, sweating in clothing made of latex is almost inevitable while clubbing or when temperatures are rising. But don’t worry about that with Datex! This fetish wear can be washed by hand or machine at maximum 40°C, making it easy to keep your product in good condition. Just like latex, you can let your Datex product shine by applying a silicone shiner.

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