Lacquer Tops

Vinyl clothing, or lacquer clothing, is glossy clothing made of plastic called polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

The difference with real PVC clothing? This PVC (plastic) is usually provided with a polyester or Lycra underlayer. The polyester grains are melted in a spinning machine and spun into a kind of thread / yarn. This yarn can then be woven, knitted, etc. into a piece of fabric. The polyester yarn can also be blended with e.g. cotton or wool. Polyester has a very high elasticity and is therefore very suitable as an admixture for fabrics that must not wrinkle and whose shape must be retained. The layer of PVC (plastic) can be processed in several ways to give it a different look, we have the high-gloss variant, but you can also give it a less shiny appearance or a leather look.

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