Muzzle Gags


Wearing toggles during BDSM play enhances the experience.

For some couples, the wearer can enjoy something exciting or make them feel depressed. In a Sub role or being able to feel powerful in a dominant role. Made of many materials such as leather, rubber and PVC, they also satisfy any fetishist. Choose from our range of ball gags, bit gags, muzzles O-gags and fish hook harnesses.

Fun experience

Gags are a popular type of sex toy, especially in BDSM and bondage. We have many different types and styles, this makes it possible to choose the best one that suits you and that suits your comfort level. Use one of our toys to keep your partner’s mouth open or to keep them still with a mouthful. In any case, this is a very interesting experience!

Discover our fun collection!

Mouth Gags come in a variety of styles to suit your BDSM play. They block erotic noises and moans, so are ideal for noisy Sub lovers. Choose from classic ball gags, bit gags and open-mouth gags to find one that’s right for you. Made for every mouth, our bondage gags will be available in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

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