Basic mummification is fun, easy and cheap.

It makes the sub powerless and immobile, allowing it to slip out of reality for a while. Problems are forgotten, the submissive can entrust everything to the Dominant (e). The Dom (me) enjoys having total control, the feeling he / she gives to the sub and the playing possibilities that are available during a mummification. Two basic methods of mummification are discussed in this article. The head is not taken into account here. You can involve the head of the sub in a mummification in many ways, but this requires you to know what you are doing and take many precautions. For example, large holes have to be made for the nostrils and mouth (small ones sometimes want to close). These techniques are not covered in this article. So only start when you are aware of what you are doing and fully trust yourself in this! The original Mummification article is by Gil Kessler.

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