Mystim connectors


These sensational electrosex machines and devices use electricity instead of vibrations to stimulate your most intimate body parts.

Powered by batteries or power, these units and accessories give you deeper and more intense stimulation than vibrating sex toys that tickle you to cum.

Discover our shocking Electrosextoys.

When used solo, you can enjoy a variety of sensations, suitable for both internal and external stimulation, often resulting in hands-free orgasms. When using a device that you share with your partner, you will enjoy the sensual erotic tingles where you kiss, touch or caress each other, providing shared pleasure. Electro Stimulation is a collective term for administering hard and soft (pain) stimuli by giving electric impulses with the help of a special device. The shocks feel like a pinprick on (or in) the body. At high intensity, it can feel like a strong nasty prick.

With Electro sex toys you bring more “tension” into your sex life.

We at BLife know that our valued customers are always looking for new ways to spice up their sex life. A super hot sex life can always get hotter! We also know that our customers have different interests and love to experiment. That is why we proudly present our estim and electro sex collection, which is one of the largest in the whole world. Whether you’re new to estim and electro sex, or whether you’re a veteran, we’ve got products that will give you a shocking good time.

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