Needle play

Some people have chills running down their spines just having the thought of needles.

Others shrug their shoulders and think “Needles? So what? ” Somewhere in between are people who start to look interested as soon as needles come up. You bet well if you now think that the latter could be SMs 😉 In most forms of SM play, the outside of the body of a masochist or submissive is taken care of. There is one exception to that rule: needle game. But what exactly is that? And what is the fun of it?

What is needle game?

On American websites about BDSM, needle game is almost always in the section ‘play piercing’: temporary piercings (piercing of the skin), which during an SM game and removed at the end of the game. Needle game can consist of placing a single needle, but it can also be that several dozen needles are set. That just depends on the preferences of both game partners. The kick for the masochist or submissive is usually in the (slight) pain that the insertion of a needle entails. As a result of that pain, endorphins can be released, which cause a kind of intoxication (rush). Those who are usually afraid of needles can overcome that fear in a game of needles. For the sadist or dominant, the idea that he or she “penetrates” someone else’s body with a needle can be very special.

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