Tease toys


Immerse yourself in a sensual session of foreplay to become so incredibly sensitive to your partner’s kisses and touches and experience the most satisfying experiences that allow skin play.

Imagine you’ve tied your partner to the bed. You get closer to their naked body with one of these ticklers in your hand. They monitor all your movements with immense pleasure. Sounds good? Buy a high quality tickle toy now and finish the scene your way.
Caress the sensitive spots

Ticklers are incredibly easy to use. You stroke any part of the body with a tickler, including eyelids, face, genitals, breasts and nipples. Pay close attention to the less logical parts of the body, the thighs, bottoms of the arms, back of the hands, top and sole of the foot, and the back of the legs are all good candidates for a feather tickler’s touch.
Excellent warmup

Ticklers are an excellent warm-up for a more intense form of sensitive games. You can use the Feather Tickler on a partner who is tied and blindfolded to set the mood or create an expectation for more intense sensations to come. Take your time and use the spring nice and slowly. To reinforce the sense of anticipation even more, tell your partner what you plan to do about other things, in detail, perhaps while gently stroking the feather over the part of the body you want to focus on later.

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