Riding whips


You buy whips to give your partner a shit!

When it comes to having fun in BDSM, anyone can use whips, or rather, use a whip. With a wide range of whips to choose from, it makes it easier to let your slave do what you want and you enjoy it! Beat your partner now, or get beaten by your partner!

Tease your partner

Whips give an exciting smack with an extra “whoosh” heard just before it makes contact. Tease your partner with tiny, just-missing lashes before you finally make contact. It’s even better when she’s blindfolded! Of course, a nice tickle can be just as good. With feather duster-shaped ticklers, you can finally make your sexy helper girl fantasy come true. Or try a combination of a tickler and whip for double the fun!

Pick the right fit!

Whips are widely used in BDSM, mainly as a correction tool. or just for fun. You have different types of whips, such as the bullwhip, single tail, flogger, et cetera. Note that the Bullwhipe and single tail are whips that leave their marks on the skin.

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