Satin blindfolds

By taking my sight away, I could rely only on sound, touch, taste and smell and had to learn to “see” with my other senses.

Because of this I experienced a series of completely new sensations and feelings. And that resulted in fantastic sex.

How can such a simple trick have such an overwhelming effect? Well, in addition to sharpening your other senses, there’s also an element of sexual anticipation: you just don’t know what to expect. And then a soft whisper or a light stroke of his fingertips over the insides of your legs is enough to set your body on fire.

A blindfold also stirs the imagination. Without any visual distraction, it is much easier to lose yourself in your sexual fantasies. Are you ashamed of your body or are you shy? With a blindfold you know a lot less inhibitions

… And, last but not least: you look damn sexy with that blindfold on! Just look at Kim Basinger in 9 ½ Weeks …

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