Spandex masks

These often have an opening at the level of the mouth, nose and eyes.

All kinds of variants are possible from this principle. For example, you can choose to purchase a mask with only the possibility to breathe through the nose. Or a mask to which you can attach a gag or blindfold.

The most common masks.

are the masks of leather and rubber that fit tightly and that you fasten with a zipper or lace at the back. But as you can see, our collection consists of a lot more!

People say they like a mask because it emphasizes slave-like behavior.

The slave, slave or sub already feels herself sliding into a certain state of mind through a mask. In that case, a mask can evoke or express many things; you are an object of use, your face does not have to be recognizable, it does not matter. You are reduced, you are there only to play with or to obey. In short: it seems that a mask often gives a feeling of inequality with regard to the Dominant person. A desired feeling of course in this case.

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