Toy cleaner

Besides that you want your sex toy to provide a pleasant feeling, you also want your sex toy to be hygienic.

Hygiene before, during and after using a sex toy is very important. With a toy cleaner you can optimally clean your sex toy. A toy cleaner is a special cleaning agent for sex toys. With a toy cleaner you clean your sex toy and make sure that you kill all bacteria. There are different types of toy cleaners. View our range and ensure a pleasant and hygienic masturbation. You need a toy cleaner for optimal care of your sex toys. The fungi and bacteria that are naturally in or on your genitals also end up on your sex toy. To prevent bacteria from settling in, it is advisable to thoroughly clean your sex toy with a toy cleaner before and after use. It’s easy to use. Apply some toy cleaner to the sex toy and then wipe the toy with a dry, clean cloth or rinse the toy with water. It is that you never use a tissue with oil, as this can seriously damage the outer layer of your sex toy and this allows bacteria to settle even faster.

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