Watersports refers to urine play, or acts that involve urinating in or on another person.

Individuals who participate in watersports may enjoy being urinated on or urinating on another person’s body, including their face, breasts and genitals. Watersports also includes acts such as urinating in another person’s rectum, vagina or mouth. These acts are often associated with BDSM. Urinating on another person is seen as symbolic of possession, and it can be used as a form of punishment or humiliation. However, watersports are not only present in BDSM relationships. Watersports is also known by terms such as golden showers and urine play. As you can imagine, watersports can get quite messy. Many couples choose to participate in urine play while in a tub or shower because of this. Not surprisingly, urine is also an acquired taste. To minimize the shock or gag factor when first urinating in a person’s mouth, the urinator can drink lots of water in an effort to dilute their urine.

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