LELO introduces their newest toy, unlike any other toy in their range

DOT, a pinpoint clitoral stimulator that externally pleasures the clitoris without causing numbness. Traditional vibrations from other vibrators “numb” the area around the clitoris and often prevent you from having multiple orgasms through satiety. But thanks to the soft and bendable tip and the revolutionary elliptical movement, DOT offers a climax with unparalleled precision. DOT is equipped with 8 powerful vibration settings ranging in intensity from a teasing whisper to a satisfying pulse.

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If you’re the kind of person who thinks two finishes are better than one, you’re in for a treat.

SORAYA 2 is the world’s most luxurious rabbit massager that offers optimized dual stimulation for both clit and Gräfenberg spot climax, on a whole new level. With its luxurious design and unmistakable shape, SORAYA 2 is the perfect combination of power and precision. Designed to enhance clit stimulation and redefine internal sensations, this dual-massager is softer, smoother and more flexible than ever before – meaning limitless pleasure is just a touch away.


We are a brand of many subtle shades, and what we actually do goes far beyond what we physically create. LELO is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect. That’s what makes us unique, different, and uniquely different. Our uniqueness is rooted in our design-led approach to our products. We have an intrinsic and instantly recognizable design DNA; principles which inform all of our creations from start to finish and which evolve over time to stay ahead of the tide. This means that we, like no other brand, can offer our customers new sensations before they even know they want them. How do we do that? By always looking beyond ourselves, beyond our products and beyond our industry. The result of this commitment to innovation is that there are millions of people worldwide whose lives have been made that little bit richer by owning a LELO. Because that’s really the goal, that’s why LELO continues to exist and continues to flourish: the curiosity we have for new sensations is your curiosity too. We do everything we can to turn your desires into reality. As we continue to research and develop new ideas that will both thrill and delight, we look forward to a bright and creative future with your support!

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- Width


- Length


- Colour

Aqua, Lavender, Pink

- Material


- Power


- Waterproof



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