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Datex Leggings

Datex Leggings

This black Datex footless pair of leggings with elastic waist band fits tightly around the body and legs.

Still it is much easier to put on or take off than latex, thanks to the stretchy nature of Datex with the soft elastic fabric inside that slides over the skin easily. No powdering needed, and comfortable to wear. Another unique item from the Guilty Pleasure Wear collection.

Datex is a revolutionary material made of natural rubber latex, printed on an elastic knitted fabric. The result is a very stretchable material with the looks and touch of latex on the outside and the softness and comfort of the stretchy fabric on the inside. Datex is comfortable to wear, it has that exciting look of latex, but not the disadvantage of being sticky and sweaty. It is easy to put on or take off without any additional dressing aids or conditioners. Datex provides great comfort, softness and flexibility, and at the same time the fetish look and touch that make latex so unique and appreciated.

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