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M41-GP5 Gasmask-system PROTECT-LB-M

M41-GP5 Gasmask-system PROTECT-LB-M

a specially modified fullhead gas-mask:

gas mask type M41-GP5 in black – overhead – nape of the neck long – no drawstrings necessary

gas mask connector with standard thread 40 mm female

modified safety respirator breathing with fresh air gap – optimized for breathing bag- and inhaler sets

2 pairs of tinted slave eye glass stickers enclosed

a pefect for that matching open-face-hood:

black shoulder-length with elaborate 2-panel form of 4D / Radical-rubber latex sheeting

for easy plating: very elastic brand quality

can be dressed with catsuits, over or under gas masks

and a special designed ringtube-breathing-bag-set:

three-dimensional inflating breathing bag with 22 mm mediport female

volume 1.0 liters with breathing reduction mouth on below of the bag

t-joint with gas mask connector with standard thread 40 mm male and 2 x 22 mm mediports male

2 x premium quality gasmask-tubes 40 cm = 15 inch length with 22 mm mediports male

t-joint for backpage with 3x 22 mm mediports male

high gloss black latex

For the love of latexrubber!

voor de liefde op latexrubber!

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