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Simpel Latex Masker


De latex producten van BLife zijn kwalitatief en mooi!

Prachtige 2-de huid verkrijgbaar in diverse kleuren. onze leverancier doet haar best om snel, kwalitatief en betaalbaar latex producten te leveren!

  • 01-Zwart
  • 02-Rood
  • 03-Transparant
  • 11-Wit
  • 15-Smokey Grey
  • Appel Groen
  • Army Groen
  • Bruin
  • Donker Blauw
  • Fuchia
  • Geel
  • Lichaam
  • Oranje
  • Paars
  • Rose Red
  • Transparant Blauw
  • Transparant Bruin
  • Transparant Paars
  • Transparant Rood
  • Transparant Roze
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • X-Large
  • X-Small
SKU: BL2018
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+32 487 45 55 26



* Backorders delivery times depends on country of origin. (Latexa can take up to 16 weeks)

Simpel Latex Masker

Simpel Latex Masker

The latex products from BLife are high quality and beautiful!

Beautiful 2nd skin available in various colors. our supplier does its best to deliver latex products quickly, qualitatively and affordably!

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Latex Kleur

01-Zwart, 02-Rood, 03-Transparant, 11-Wit, 15-Smokey Grey, Appel Groen, Army Groen, Bruin, Donker Blauw, Fuchia, Geel, Lichaam, Oranje, Paars, Rose Red, Transparant Blauw, Transparant Bruin, Transparant Paars, Transparant Rood, Transparant Roze


Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small

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