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Suction Catsuit

Suction Catsuit

Based on our popular SU18

this female fit simplified suit has a drawstring hood with hidden inner hood with elasticated neck, front through crotch zip with 3 zip heads, elasticated waist and tighter sleeves and legs.

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2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large



PUL Colors

BKG1 – Black transparent 200µ, BKS1 – Shiny Black 200µ, BLG1: Blue glass-clear PVC 200µ, BLM3: Light Blue childprint PVC, BLT71 – Blue shiny semi-transparent 170µ, NAG1: Natural glass-clear PVC 200µ, NAG5 – Natural glass-clear with stripe 210µ, NAT10: Natural glass-clear white dots PVC 200µ, NAT12: Natural semi-transparent PVC 0.200µ, PIP2: Pink extra soft PVC 200µ, PIT1: Pink semi-transparent PVC 170µ, REG1: Red glass-clear PVC 200µ, RES1: Red shiny PVC 200µ, RES5: Red shiny white dots PVC 200µ, VIG1: Violet glass-clear PVC 200µ, WHP1: White pearl PVC 200µ, WHP2: White & blue pastel PVC 200µ, WHT1: White semi-transparent PVC 180µ, YEM2: Yellow matte nursery print PVC 170µ


Female, Male

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